Loto Audio invests in Funktion-One Vero

Rental house Loto Audio has added a Vero system to their rental stock.

Loto Audio founder Ramon Salaza, explains: “From the first moment we heard Vero, we wanted it. It will blow a lot of people’s minds, especially compared to what they are used to hearing. It’s always a good time to invest in any Funktion-One product, but adding Vero to our rental stock means we can reach big festivals and hit the rock/touring market.

“A lot of Mexican production companies are already very familiar with the traditional Funktion-One loudspeakers. Now that we have Vero, I’m sure they’ll be keen to use it on their bigger events.”

As a complete, large format touring sound system – featuring loudspeakers, amplification, rigging and software – Vero combines sonic performance with the ease of use of a line-array system. By returning to first principles, audio engineering legends Tony Andrews and John Newsham have been able to completely re-think the vertical array, creating a system that maximises both audience experience and user convenience.

The Lambda flying system, for example, allows for adjustment under load and facilitates quick and easy deployment, while the system’s projection design and prediction software enables Vero users to optimise array designs for smooth audience coverage and generate detailed venue-specific system information.

For Salazar, however, it is the system’s sonic clarity that truly puts Vero ahead of the pack: “It is not a ‘line array sound; with Vero you have more consistency and intelligibility. That greatly improves the stereo image,” he says. “Besides the great mids and highs that we all know, it also has a dedicated box – the V315 – to do the low mids, helping to create a complete sound that no other company, speaker or line array can achieve.”

“You simply can’t ask the 12’’ in a typical line array to do mid-bass/low-mid effectively, they just can’t manage it,” Salazar continues. “But with Vero you hear everything. In fact, for some live sound engineers it feels strange to hear something that has always existed, but that they’ve never had before.”

Mexican audiences got their first taste of the new Vero system during a live performance by national favourites, Mijares, to mark the country’s Independence Day celebrations on 15 September.

Info: www.funktion-one.com

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