PLASA 2017 – Doughty Gears up for the Show

Doughty Engineering is set to unveil a new version of its popular Space Saver this month. The Space Saver Omega will make its debut on the company’s stand at IBC in Amsterdam on the 15 September and on 17 September at PLASA London.

Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty said: “We introduced the original Space Saver this time last year – a really simple concept that we designed after considering how cumbersome a clamp can be to store and transport. The idea that it can be folded down and therefore easier to store and transport, has really been a huge benefit to our customers.

But we always see room for improvement – we’ve made a few tweaks to make the item even more user friendly. It’s all under wraps – a little bit cloak and dagger at the moment – but we’re confident our customers won’t be disappointed.”

Doughty will also release a face-lifted Grip Head at IBC. Mark explained: “The new Grip Head has been made using new tooling to improve the overall finish and gripping qualities. We’re sure our customers who are already familiar with the product will really notice the difference.”

Doughty’s new Pole Operated Yoke as well as its range of clamps, pantographs and other kit designed with the film and TV industry in mind will feature on the IBC stand whilst at PLASA, Doughty’s Three Position Tank Trap will also make an appearance alongside industry favourites like the Modular Rigging System.

Mark concluded: “Year on year we are going from strength to strength, both within the broadcast industry, in the world of theatre and live entertainment venues and in other interesting locations such as photographic studios – the projects we find ourselves involved with are fascinating. IBC and PLASA are crucial shows for us as they give us the opportunity to really get to grips with what it is our customers in these very different industries want. We pride ourselves on developing our products based on the feedback we get at shows like these– that way we’re giving people what they really want – and not what we think they want.”


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