Meet 3D Audio Experts at Prolight & Sound Shanghai 2017

Jointly organised with the German Entertainment Technology Association (VPLT), the training course theme will be “Technologies and Application of 3D Audio”. Audio experts from Full Dimension Multimedia, Sennheiser and Verband Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT) will deliver professional training on sound technologies and product application.

Porlight & Sound Shanghai 2017 3D Audio Experts

3D Audio: Technology and Production TechniquesPorlight & Sound Shanghai 2017 3D Audio Experts

Speaker: Mr Jörn Nettingsmeier, Head Consultant of Sound Reinforcement Department of Verband Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT)

Mr Jörn Nettingsmeier will give an overview of the underlying psychoacoustics and fundamental physics of 3D sound reproduction. Through theories and case studies, he will also share his insights on the production of 3D and immersive sound based on various channels, scenes and objects.

Porlight & Sound Shanghai 2017 3D Audio Experts

VR Audio Workflow – Recording, Mixing, Delivery

Speaker: Mr Johannes Kares, Tonmeister of Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co KG

Mr Johannes Kares will share the virtual reality (VR) audio workflow using the Sennheiser AMBEO 3D technology which is firstly introduced in China. Recording audio for VR will be discussed by showing how to use both an Ambisonics microphone and additional spot microphones. The company will also demonstrate the post-production workflow in a digital audio workstation.

Porlight & Sound Shanghai 2017 3D Audio Experts

Bringing the Cinema and Concert Hall Experience to Home Theatre

Speaker:  Mr Jeff Levison, Senior Technology R&D Manager of Full Dimension Multimedia

Mr Levison will explain the live venue experience with the advanced 3D holographic audio system and how it can be transported to a home theatre. He will then further illustrate with a tutorial on the filming and sound recording of a short documentary designed to bring the senses of the abstract world to modern entertainment systems.

Porlight & Sound Shanghai 2017 3D Audio Experts

Full Dimension Spatial Audio Design that Transforms a Landmark Public Space into a Unique Performance Venue

Speaker:  Mr Iverson Xu, Vice President of Full Dimension Multimedia

Mr Xu will share his techniques on how to enhance the sound system design in the “Shanghai Tower 126th 3D project”, and introduce the technologies in this tallest 3D sound music hall in the world. He will also talk about the creation of special musical content by renowned composer and producer Simon Franglen with details on 3D recording and mixing. His composition includes Titanic, Avatar and The Magnificent Seven.


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