dBTechnologies’ VIO Debuts at Airbeat One Festival

Set in Germany’s far north, Airbeat One is the region’s premier electronic music festival. This year, some 45,000+ concertgoers from 45 countries transformed the Neustadt Glewe airfield into the epicenter for electronica beats over three days in July.

dBTechnologies VIO Debut Airbeat One Festival

The dBTechnologies VIO line array system made its debut appearance at this year’s gathering. On the heels of a very satisfactory test-run at Rostock’s Electric Sea Dance Festival in late 2016, Airbeat One’s promoters Rolf Eggert and Sebastian Eggert from Lübtheen-based Music Eggert decided to equip the prestigious Terminal stage with a dBTechnologies VIO rig. It was set up in the 60m x 40m tent with a helping hand from Nils Spormann of Resonanz Veranstaltungsdienstleistung, a Wernigerode-based system provider and audio tech. The venue required some additional VIO line array gear; Sascha Weiss of Weiss Veranstaltungstechnik, an event tech company from Lauenburg, was on hand to provide it.

dBTechnologies VIO Debut Airbeat One Festival

Two flown arrays made up of eleven VIO L210 line array modules each served as the main PA. Eighteen dBTechnologies S318 semi-horn-loaded bass reflex subwoofers in an end-fired, gap-toothed array pumped out the bass. Two delay lines with five VIO L210 line array modules each provided long-throw support to deliver great sound to the tent’s far corners, included the raised VIP area at the back.

Two stacks of four DVA T8FIR modules each piggy-backed on two DVA KS10 18 subs furnished powerful on-stage monitoring for Felix Jaehn, Gestört aber Geil, „Alle Farben, EDX, Alan Walker, Lost Frequencies, Jonas Blue, Klingande and many other crowd-pleasing acts.

dBTechnologies VIO Debut Airbeat One Festival

“We are immensely satisfied with the VIO line array system,” says Rolf Eggert. “The VIO system delivers very powerful yet crystal-clear sound  just like it did back in Rostock. And combined with the powerful S318 subwoofers, it’s just perfect for electronic music! Alle Farben and Gestört aber Geil had the Terminal tent practically bursting at the seams on the first day.”

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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