214 Flares on Bruno Mars Tour

The North American phase of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour is now in full swing, with 63 dates from July to November. Opening in Las Vegas after 44 dates in Europe, the tour will continue to Latin America and Australia through next year. 214 Solaris Flares are key components of a spectacular show that celebrates the artist’s musical roots.

“Flares are my go-to light,” says Lighting Designer, Cory FitzGerald. “I like to use them in pixel mode so that we can take full advantage of the wash/pixel features as well as the powerful strobe. We have 68 mounted in the stage facing up, to under-light the transparent floor “cells”; 70 are mounted vertically, end-to-end, as a single ‘bar’ downstage for our main audience effect lighting, with a further 76 hung throughout the rig and upstage from trusses, for stage strobing and more effects.”

FitzGerald adds, “Flares are incredibly versatile fixtures that continue to help me shape the musicality of the lighting in all my shows. The Flare’s pixelation, color mixing, low level effects, and its enormous punch make it a very powerful multi-tool.”

Info: www.tmb.com

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