Riedel Prepares for the Re-pack

After years of discussions, the FCC spectrum repack is here. Just last week, the FCC released a consumer alert disclosure that must be included with devices made to operate in the 600 MHz band. You can read it here. With many areas of the industries looking for alternative options to their existing wireless systems, Riedel Communcations is promoting their solution.

Riedel Bolero FCC Frequency Re-pack

So what does the new repack mean for users who have wireless gear in the 617-652 MHz or 663-698 MHz frequencies? It turns out that the companies who purchased that spectrum have the right to begin using it. In some places, that will take some time. In others, it might be as early as this year. To ensure the success of your future productions, you need to find gear that is unaffected by the repack and, for wireless intercoms, Riedel has a solution: Bolero!

Bolero is a DECT-based wireless intercom system that operates in the license-free 1.9 Ghz band. Bolero offers robust features that can be applied three ways: a wireless beltpack, a wireless keypanel, and a two-way radio. Several new technologies power Bolero’s capabilities including an Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR) for improved performance in difficult multipath RF environments and near-field communication (NFC) for easy, “Touch&Go” beltback registration.

Info: www.riedel.net

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