PRG XL Video invests in Robert Juliat Dalis

PRG XL Video, the UK operation of Production Resource Group LLC (PRG), has announced an investment in new Robert Juliat lighting technology, adding the Dalis 862 asymmetric LED footlight to its inventory.

Used as front-edge stage lighting, the rear of the batten is black, and so inconspicuous from the audience’s viewpoint. The fixture outputs white light which is tunable from 2200K to 6500K, and has 48 asymmetric reflectors arranged in two rows. Each row can be controlled independently, and this enables the footlight to be used for both short and long throw capabilities for upstage and downstage lighting.

PRG’s European head of asset management, Paul Weaver, comments: “The Dalis fixture adds an extra dimension into the PRG fleet. Its functionality of stage marking within the unit itself is a step forward in theatrical lighting fixtures, and makes them ideal for all lighting disciplines.”

Robert Juliat’s managing director, François Juliat adds: “The ability to carefully manage upstage and downstage lighting in a good quality white light is very fundamental to a footlight. By investing in our new Dalis 862, PRG has chosen a unique exciting product, providing their clients with the right features to serve their creative productions.”
The fixtures have been put straight into action, and are currently working their magic on Little Mix’s European tour.


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