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Frenexport was founded in 1976 by Bruno Frenquelli, the current president, who has been supported by his sons Romano and Daniele since the late 90’s. Initially, Frenexport was involved in the export of musical instruments produced in Italy, in the territory of  Marche, full of companies specialising in this field. In the 1980s, with the advent of the microchip and the resulting competition from Japan and Taiwan, the Marche manufacturing district suffered a steady decline, culminating in the 1990s with many companies shutting their doors or relocating to produce their products in other countries.

Daniele & Romano Frenquelli

Frenexport, formerly an exporter, reversed its operating system by focusing on the domestic market, one which was still flourishing with regards to musical instruments. In recent years, aware of worldwide trends, the company decided not only to focus on the supply of equipment, but also to deliver fully comprehensive services, and to open up to the professional audio and installation markets.

With regard to Pro Audio, the company is able to offer products at different levels, with its own product line, SoundSation. The line comprises of high-quality audio systems, and the distribution of brands like NOVA and Void.

The Frenexport demo room

The SoundSation brand was born in 2005, and is increasingly appreciated by musicians and enthusiasts alike, with a constantly expanding range of  products, from mid-level to professional in both the M.I. and Audio and Lighting sectors.

During our recent visit we had the opportunity to listen to the LIVEMAKER 1211 NEO portable audio system, a product capable of expressing a great sound quality with a brilliantly delicate but powerful sound, through a wide horizontal coverage of around 180°, all in a portable and manageable product with a weight of less than 20Kg for the active subwoofer and 5Kg for the satellite.

Inside the top unit there are 8 full-range 2.75″ full-range drivers with neodymium magnets, positioned in a vertical array and with two-to-two offset axis to allow wide coverage. The plywood subwoofer is front ported and houses a 12″ woofer, capable of producing high SPL levels despite its small size.


Nova is a brand from CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH, which has been developing trusted sound systems for over 30 years. Their systems are characterised by an essential and concrete design with products designed for the live performance and DJing, as well as for installations. Within Nova’s products, we can find high performance components from reputable brands such as BMS, B & C, BEYMA, 18-SOUND, Faital and more.

Finally, Void is an English manufacturer, renowned for their extremely original designs that are tailor-made for clubbing applications. Those who turn to Void, as Romano Frenquelli tells us, are considered to be very sophisticated users, ones who know exactly what they are looking for, and who pays particular attention to the design of the products alongside their sound quality. In order to allow Void to present themselves to the market in the best manner possible, a certain level of professionalism and knowledge is needed, and for this reason Frenexport has given rise to a support network all over the country, consisting of rental companies and installers.

With regards to Lighting, a sector into which Frenexport has more recently entered, we find a very wide range of offerings, also branded as SoundSation, with products ranging from “Party Light”, a range of low cost models, ideal for smaller situations,  to beam/spot moving heads equipped with 10R 280 Watt lamps.

We found those within the company to be exceedingly welcoming, with a noticeably well organised structure. The company’s headquarters feature a fully equipped demo area, which allows for the testing of a wide range of products, alongside a large, well stocked and extremely functional warehouse. These are two fundamental and essential aspects for for a company equipped to deal with the market in a healthy and transparent manner.

Info: www.frenexport.it

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