Schertler’s modular mixer wins plaudits

In recent months, a number of high profile musicians and engineers have been exploring the live potential of Schertler’s Arthur modular mixer on stages in various parts of the world. The mixer, which can be configured and built by the user, is created from a choice of Class-A input and output modules. These can be combined in any order and quantity to form both compact and large-scale mixer configurations for live and studio use.

Celebrated jazz/fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer Chick Corea is currently on tour with a specially configured Arthur mixer that enables him to directly manage his own on-stage sound. Corea’s configuration includes one of the new Arthur Sub group modules through which all his keyboards run to front of house. Seven further channels accommodate other band instruments, enabling Corea to create his own monitor mixes.

“This mixer makes my keyboards and piano sound rich and warm – the way I like it,” he says. “The channels are modular so I can configure the mixer to any size depending on which band I’m playing with. The controls and the layout are completely aesthetic and easy to control. It’s a work of art!”

At the recent Paisley Park Celebration 2017 in Minneapolis, 24 Arthur modules were formed into two separate mixers for rehearsal and stage use by keyboard players Morris Hayes and Tommy Barbarella. After the show, a delighted Hayes, who is now exploring a larger version of his original mixer commented: “Listening to the show in my headphone, the sound was transparent, warm and clean. For me it all comes down to sound quality. I can tell you this Arthur is one of the best mixers I’ve ever heard. It’s modular so you can add or take away as needed. That’s a real big deal.”

Further south, sound engineers Rob Griffin and Giulio Jimenez called on Arthur to mix a concert at the Panama Jazz Festival. Jimenez then took the mixer to Centro Mamoni, an ecological campus in Panama’s Mamoni Valley, to engineer a live performance by flamenco guitarist Juanito Pascual and percussionist Tupac Mantilla.

In Rome, a compactly configured Arthur mixer formed part of the sound reinforcement setup (along with a Schertler TIM PA system) for a performance by Croatian classical guitarist Ana Vidovic at Roma Expo Guitars.

Several new Arthur mixer modules are due for release shortly.


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