SE Systems Continue to Build GLP Inventory

Based in Greensboro, NC, GLP partner SE Systems has recently increased its inventory of the German manufacturer’s advanced LED solutions, by adding quantities of the award-winning X4 Bar versatile battens, and investing for the first time in the GT-1 Spot/Beam hybrid.

The company has vast experience, having been founded in 1973 by the highly respected Wade ‘Cliff’ Miller, who remains sole owner to this day. 

SE Systems GLP German Light Products X4 Bar GT-1

A ‘turn-key’ live event production services company with a national spread, SE Systems also operates separate sales and installation divisions. Their relationship with GLP extends back five years. 

“GLP is a ‘workhorse’ component of our lighting inventory,” declares John R. Lewis, Director of SE Systems Inc, Production Services. “We were initially attracted by the quality of their products, and quite honestly every equipment manufacturer should strive for the level of service GLP provides.”

He said the increase in X4 Bar inventory (both the Bar 10’s and Bar 20’s) and investment in the GT-1 would be “a perfect match for all our clients’ endeavours. We knew that the fit of the Bars, and especially the Hybrid GT-1, was essential to our vision.” And he anticipates that the inventory will continue to increase. 

SE Systems GLP German Light Products X4 Bar GT-1

He confirmed that these fixtures are already in high demand. “We are constantly serving clients ranging from the NFL, Major League Baseball and multiple venue events, as well as some of the largest festivals in the region,” he summarised. 

GLP’s account manager Jamey Brock commented, “The team at SE Systems are business smart, with a focus on ROI, and value lighting equipment that meets their creative needs.”


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