Green Hippo Hosts a Hippotizer Tea Party

ProLight + Sound is a key show for Green Hippo, and at this year’s Frankfurt event, they delivered a stunning display with Hippotizer V4 Media Servers. Using the latest software version of Hippotizer SHAPE, Green Hippo mapped and blended three projectors on to a highly complex tea pot model. Using Notch’s compositing and visual effects capabilities and combining correspondence-based projector alignment, the model showed how Hippotizer can overcome, the many challenges faced when projection mapping in the field. 

The Green Hippo outfit also put the company’s Auto Alignment tool through its paces, demonstrating SHAPE’s time saving capabilities. Using inexpensive fibre optic sensors embedded in the model, the tool reduces the job of realigning projectors in an installation to a single button press. A further example of SHAPE’s aptitude was given via Green Hippo’s collaboration with Cast software, showing BlackTrax on the Green Hippo stand with moving picture frames. Using cameras, BlackTrax, tracks objects in real-time; Hippotizer SHAPE uses this data to map on to objects in 3D, even as they are moving.

ProLight + Sound welcomes visitors from all areas of the live event entertainment and installation sector, including system integrators, production companies, lighting and stage designers and audio engineers. The result was an extremely busy Green Hippo stand, with commercial meetings held with representatives from over 65 countries. 

James Roth, Head of Sales & Marketing at Green Hippo, said: “Prolight + Sound 2017 was a great show for Green Hippo. Reactions to our SHAPE 3D Mapping demos were very positive, and we thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating the capabilities of our product range. It was also great to work with the team from Notch and Cast. Furthermore, we were excited to see Hippotizers being used on several exhibitor stands, including Kinesys, Martin and Starway/LSE.”


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