Coda Audio Gets Straight to the Point with Arrayable Point Source System

CODA Audio’s new 3-way Arrayable Point Source System (APS), which debuted at this year’s Prolight + Sound Exhibition at the Messe in Frankfurt, combines the user-friendliness of a point source with the arrayability of a line array. APS is a revolutionary approach to reinforcement systems for medium-sized applications which transforms the theoretical advantages of point source into a reality that until now has never been fully realised. In short, CODA has not so much changed the game as redefined it – no compromise, no making do, no more square pegs in round holes. 

CODA Audio APS Arrayable Point Source System APS-SUB

APS addresses the limitations of traditional point source systems by offering unprecedented flexibility and performance standards. The truth is that in many medium sized applications, point source solutions cannot provide enough sound pressure whilst a line array might be over-sized and expensive. Invariably, what results is a compromise between performance and price. Not any more…

In medium sized venues, flexible dispersion is the key to obtaining consistently even coverage. APS can perform a range of functions to ensure that a project’s aims are perfectly met. As a single speaker or in tightly packed horizontal or vertical arrays the system can achieve superior results in one simple, elegant solution. 

The main element of the system, the 2 x 10″ 3-way arrayable APS loudspeaker, has an exceptional power to size ratio that is destined to have the same impact in the point source field as CODA Audio’s AiRAY has had in the line array market. Completing the picture is the APS-SUB an 18″ high output compact subwoofer. Driven by CODA LINUS amplification, both APS and APS-SUB are easily ground-stacked or flown. Since APS can be used for almost small to medium applications (and as a flexible supplement to larger applications) its attractions are obvious for both touring rental companies and installers alike and if the recent success of AiRAY is any indicator.

CODA Audio APS Arrayable Point Source System APS-SUB

Alongside APS, CODA Audio have also announced their T-RACK range of amplification products. Each T-RACK comprises 3 x LINUS14 – a 4-channel DSP, Network, Comparator and Amplifier. CODA’s growing presence in global markets, including the USA, combined with its philosophy of developing the greatest possible flexibility within the highest quality products, continues to drive a policy of creating universal solutions, of which T-RACK is the latest, cutting-edge example.


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