PL&S 2017 – DiGiCo

Following on from their already hugely successful SD series of digital consoles, DiGiCo are announcing their latest addition here at Prolight & Sound 2017, the SD12.

PLS 2017 DiGiCo SD12

The SD12 features 72 input channels, 36 aux/group busses, and a 12×8 Matrix, all with full processing. 12 FX processors are including in the console, as well as 16 graphic EQs and 119 Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and DigiTubes. There are also 12 VCA Control Groups available.

The SD12 is designed to add the superior advanced features that users now expect from a compact, affordable, multi- application digital console. Featuring two 15″ touch-screens with an intuitive user interface, the console has built in recording interfaces for virtual sound checks.

Also from DiGiCo, we have a new SD 32bit Mic Pre-Amp Card. With a fully differential audio path from input to converter, and twin 32-bit ADC conversion per channel, the unit is designed to record with open and clear audio reproduction.


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