PL&S 2017 – Music & Lights

Music & Lights presents this year the new Panorama series with IP65 rating, with two models, a beam with a 440 W lamp, a new overlapping dual-prism system and a projector with a multifunctional 1400W lamp, zoom 4-60, wheel animation, two gobo wheels, color mixing, and more.

is  a LED strobe color changer in two models: full-color RGBW, with section management and Full White. Both are equipped with 1728 LEDs, with 1.5W power for the white and 1W  for full color.

Mosaic, is a 200w architectural LED projector capable of expressing 11388 lumens, zoom 10-45. Inside there are two color wheels with 7 slots, animation wheel, prism and motorized iris.


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