PL&S 2017 – Robe

“The Stage is Set” at Robe’s booth, who are back with an even more impressive booth at this year’s Prolight & Sound. Every hour, a dramatic performance, from both dancers and lights, provides a showcase of Robe’s latest offerings to the market. These include Spiider, LEDBeam 150, ParFect 150, PATT 2017, pixelPATT, BMFL FollowSpot, BMFL LightMaster RoboSpot, UV Strobe, Strobe IP, ColorStrobe IP and Viva CMY. That’s seriously hard to say all in one breath….

Robe PLS 2017 Stage Is Set

Following on from the success of the small yet powerful Robe LEDBeam 100, ROBIN LEDBeam 150 provides a spectacular zoom range of 4° to 62°, offering fast sweeping beams and a wide excellent quality wash light in a compact housing. Parfect is a highly affordable LED ACL-style beam unit, with a zoom feature included. Fundamentally, this is a static version of the LEDBeam 150.

One of the main focusses of Robe’s booth revolves around their acquisition of the rights and IP of RoboSpot, a remote follow-spot system compatible with any of Robe’s BMFL range of fixtures already in rental stock. A ground operated base station communicates with a camera mounted on the BMFL fixture which follows the performer or object to be tracked.

Robe PLS 2017 The Stage Is Set BMFL FollowSpot

We also have BMFL FollowSpot, a custom modified version of Robe’s massively successful high-powered BMFL WashBeam luminaire, as well as BMFL LightMaster, an accessory comprising of externally mounted, fully programmable follow-spot handles with a control panel and two individual faders that enable any of Robe‘s BMFL range of fixtures to be run as a follow spot.


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