PL&S 2017 – Area 4 Industries

A bunch of novelties introduced by international giant of rigging, Area 4 Industries, at this year’s Prolight + Sound, with a series of innovations that favour the installer with a great attention to safety.

Before moving to the products, we would like to share with our readers an interesting reflection that arose from a chat with David Gore, Communication Specialist of the group. David says that it is crucial to share experiences, and to teach the use of a system, regardless to whom the brand belongs to. Only those who have mastered the instruments of labor, both in terms of use and in terms of security, can be part of a collective growth towards the targets of quality and perfection. Because of this, Area 4 Industries invests heavily in training and distribution of tutorials and tips, as we have seen recently for Milos.

Moving onto the products presented at the fair, EXE proposes a new compact 500kg engine, made entirely in Italy, with power equal to 0.8 kW, double brake and IP55 protection. From JTE comes a new 30×30 truss, aimed to provide maximum compatibility and flexibility for integration, while Milos offers a number of simple yet effective solutions, such as arms, circular pipes and tops that allow the positioning of projectors in a unique way that is suitable for clubs, events or private parties, where simple structures with quick installation times are required.

Another interesting feature on the booth is the MR1 system, VC30B-40, which when applied on the cubes, allows the user to vary the angle of the truss.

Litec proposes an innovative system that allows re-alignment and balance of a truss when you are working with irregular suspension points, or those that are slightly offset.


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