PL&S 2017 – Yes Tech

In Frankfurt Yes Tech has set up the whole booth using only two products: a high-definition LED display 2.84 for indoor use and MG7, an extremely flexible and suitable 4.8 display for many outdoor and indoor uses.

The latter product has a particular polymer structure that makes it lightweight, and it can be assembled in different combinations and is extremely durable. The modules can be mounted in a staggered manner, both horizontal and vertical and there are also tiles with a circular and triangular shape available that in fact stimulate the fantasy of designers.

In short, a versatile product, compatible with all previous versions, also ideal as a floor capable of supporting heavy weights such as cars. Undoubted quality, extremely bright and precise thanks to the presence of black LEDs that actually improve the visual aspect.

Another peculiarity is the hooking system between the modules, with a well thought out curve  connector which allows to set the angle in a continuous manner and without steps.


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