PL&S 2017 – German Light Products

At this year’s Prolight & Sound, GLP have launched a “strobe” like no other, The JDC-1. Featuring both an LED Strobe Tube as well as 1440 high quality LEDs, this new fixture provides a “strobe” function with countless possibilities, including traditional strobing, colour strobing, blinder and pixel mapping, and all with a tilt movement of 190 degrees.

GLP PLS 2017 JDC-1 Strobe

As well as the fantastic light-show that we come to expect from German Light Products, we also had the opportunity to see a very special presentation from GLP’s CEO Udo Künzler. Uwe Heinrich (or for his friends better known as HeLi) was the very first customer to first buyer of the impression 90 back in 2007.

GLP PLS 2017 Udo Künzler Uwi Heinrich Golden impression 90

To mark the 10 years anniversary of the launch of the impression range, Udo presented Uwe with a golden version of that very fixture, part of a range that has gone on to form the cornerstone of GLP’s product lineup.


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