PL&S 2017 – Coda Audio

Coda Audio’s presentation at Prolight & Sound 2017 was an interesting and engaging one, with a focus on company developments as well as new product releases. Luke Jenks, who was recently appointed to run Coda Audio USA, talked about an exciting future for Coda Audio, and the company’s progress and development in the USA, as well as in Germany with the recent formation of Coda Germany.

Coda Audio PLS 2017 Luke Jenks APS

In terms of product launches, the main release from the company at this year’s show is APS, or Arrayable Point Source. Designed to combine the user-friendliness of a point source with the array-ability of a line array, APS addresses the limitations of traditional point source systems by offering ultimate flexibility.

Coda Audio PLS 2017 Luke Jenks APS

For medium-sized events and situations were point source solutions cannot provide enough sound pressure whilst a line array might be over-sized and expensive, APS steps so that no compromise is needed. The system consists of a 2 x 10″ 3-way arrayable loudspeaker, and APS-SUB, an 18″ high output compact subwoofer.


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