PL&S 2017 – Prolyte Group launches the BGR70 truss

Prolyte Group continues to innovate and launches a new truss type at the Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt (4-7 April).

The BGR70 truss is a low-volume truss with extreme load bearing capacity, which can handle large spans as well as extreme loads. Features a pre-camber system, to “guarantee zero deflection”, the BGR70 truss is available for the market as of now, say Prolyte.

Breda-based full-service production company, Unlimited Productions, has been instrumental in the development and first deployment of the system. Confronted with an increasing demand from the field for high loading capacity truss, Unlimited Productions approached two rigging specialists to see if it would be possible to create an answer to this growing demand with an “out-of-the-box” solution, that would combine the best features of already existing truss systems.

While the idea was conceptualised they needed to source two invaluable components; thorough static calculations and expert welding and materials know-how. With Ruud de Deugd linking supply and demand, Prolyte could work with Unlimited Productions to thoroughly test this new truss design before releasing it to the market, while Unlimited would have an “on demand” truss system at their availability.

Ralph Stockley, CCO of Prolyte comments: “Prolyte has done this before, like crowd-sourcing; bringing together market demand and manufacturer expertise can create really valuable products. We always try to have an open eye for opportunities like this.”

Offering “high loading capacity, reduced transport weight and low volume”, the BGR70 truss has a spatial lattice structure and is made of high-quality aluminium in specially designed rectangular profiles. It can be used for spans up to 45m with a permissible, maximum centre point load of 750kg. The BGR70 truss is coupled with a special coupling

system, made of high rate steel plates, creating a simple, “fool-proof” connection that mounts without the need for tools.

The use of these plates also facilitates a pre-camber system, reducing final deflection in the total span where need to zero. This creates the ultimate solution for spans with heavy LED screens, moving systems or performer fly systems, where deflection tolerances are close to zero.

Unlimited Productions has used the truss on several occasions so far, thoroughly testing the design in practice before a worldwide release to the market was announced. Their user feedback was integrated in the final design. As Ruud de Deugd states: “We have done several tests, which resulted in some minor changes to the original design. We had to be absolutely sure this truss was safe by design and in practice but also had good work floor-behaviour – designing user-friendly and safe truss is high on the priority list of Prolyte”.

Gerrit de Beuze, Rigging Specialist for Unlimited Productions continues: “As the responsible rigger, in my opinion things like user-friendliness, ease of use and handling are valuable points to consider in the design, in the end, that is what makes the difference on the work floor. The integrated lifting bracket is one of those solutions that came out of the designing process, which I think is a real contribution”.

Prolyte will feature live load tests during the Prolight+Sound exhibition. You are invited to see the BGR70 truss in action. The live test will be performed several times per day during the show. The Prolyte team, as well as representative s of Unlimited Productions will be at the stand to offer product and user information.

See Prolyte Group at PL+S – Hall 3.0, Stand E14.


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