PL&S 2017 – Claypaky

Claypaky presents in Frankfurt the new K-Eye, apparently similar in terms of the aesthetics of the B-eye, but with an entirely different core.

We’re talking about a pure wash light with high CRI and 6-color RGBACL multichip LEDs (Red Green Blue Cyan Lime Amber). It is available in versions with 37 and 19 LEDs, with color temperature 2500k – 7500k and zoom 6-50°. It is ideal for theaters, fashion, automotive shows and TV, in addition to live applications.

Another novelty is Axcor Profile 900, a white engine fixture with a 880W LED source engine and 6000k, which is the real innovation of this product. Among the features zoom 7-40° with CMY mixing, gobos, animated wheel, 4 facet prism, beam shaper and more. The 24000 lumens output, silent operation and the particular high power source are the key points of this fixture.



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