LightSoundJournal off to Master Prolight & Sound 2017

With our new name, new faces and heaps of excitement, the LightSoundJournal team are en-route to Frankfurt, ahead of the opening day of Prolight & Sound 2017.

We’ll be undertaking our usual mission, giving the best possible coverage of what is arguably the world’s biggest trade fair dedicated to the Professional Sound and Lighting market. And, of course, we’ll be spreading the word on what is surely one of the most exciting periods in our network’s history.

LightSoundJournal Masters Prolight & Sound 2017

We’ll be speaking with as many companies as possible throughout the event, and delivering updates live from the show floor. We’ll also be speaking with those behind the scenes to further explore the trends and themes of this year’s show, and what differences we can expect when compared to past Prolight & Sound shows.

You can follow the updates across our network, through our international portals, and also through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Let’s Master It!

The LightSoundJournal Team

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