Huss Light & Ton for Prolyte German Distribution

Based in Langenau since 1989, Huss Licht & Ton have become a reliable partner for offering high quality products in the field of event technology. Now, Huss Licht & Ton have become the official distribution partner for Prolyte in Germany, selling truss and stage decking. They company aims to become a fully-fledged Prolyte distributor, offering their customers the complete Prolyte product range.

Paring excellent customer service with the advantages of simple and secure online shopping they have grown considerable over the last years. The continuous development of their B2B webshop, as well as an outstanding performance in deliverability and adherence to delivery dates is the foundation for future growth to new markets.

Prolyte German Distribution Huss Licht & Ton

Recognising Prolyte Group as a leading truss brand Huss contacted Prolyte to discuss partnership, based on their wish to offer its customer base a complete bandwidth of products.

As Thilo Huss comments: “In our complete range of high-end event technologie brands, we could not miss a brand like Prolyte as leading truss manufacturer”.

Henry Schuil, responsible distributor manager adds: “We have been looking over a longer period to find a suitable partner in this region. Southern Germany and Austria are parts where Prolyte could be represented stronger. With Huss Light & Sound we have found a partner with not only an excellent reputation with their client base, but also a firm ambition for future growth.”

Prolyte German Distribution Huss Licht & Ton

Thilo Huss continues: “We see a growing demand for larger structures and roof systems, Prolyte offers us access to these products and can support our client base with all the knowledge and service needed. That’s an excellent starting point”.

The complete range of Prolyte products is deliverable at Huss from this date. All products can be found listed In their new Prolyte Brand Shop.


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