Soundsation Presents Hyper Series

HYPER series is the result of years of experience gathered by SOUNDSATION in Portable Sound systems. The company’s goal is to offer musicians and technicians a set of tools able to fully implement the tasks required, whilst focusing on what is really useful: a good sound, reliability and the best value for money.

The HYPER series also meets a precise requirement: versatility. Its wide range (5 full-range active speakers from and 3 active subwoofers), the predisposition for stacked or hanging use, the built-in mixer, allow the use of these tools in a variety of situations.

Hyper Series Frenexport Hyper Top Hyper Bass

All tops can accept balanced MIC and unbalanced LINE level signals with different connection formats (XLR, ¼” Jack, RCA, mini-jack). The built-in mixer controls input levels, overall mix (High/Low tones) and routes everything to the balanced Mix out. 

The powerful and lightweight subwoofers feature electronic stereo crossovers with balanced connections, X-over at 80 or 120Hz, phase reverse, filtered and full-range outputs and a few other standard controls – nothing more than what is simple and essential to complete your PA sound system.


Hyper Series Frenexport Hyper Top Hyper Bass

Built to be the perfect companion when in need of portable and lightweight speakers, or when the going gets tough and high performance is required, The HYPER TOP series features 4 Bi-Amped models with Class-D amplifiers – from 240W to 500W – driving 8” to 15” high-performance woofers; and a smart and extremely versatile 2-way mono-amped model with 100W Class-AB amp on a 6” high-excursion woofer.

All units have a sturdy, lightweight and stylish polypropylene enclosure, with full metal grille and acoustic foam, to protect the transducers inside and give a pleasant appearance. M8 fixing points, a variety of handles and D36mm pole mount holes, allow for many fixed installation or portable applications, as well as ease of transport.


Hyper Series Frenexport Hyper Top Hyper Bass

HYPER TOP full-range speakers were built to provide excellent sound quality and wide frequency response. But when applications demand more bass, HYPER BASS subwoofers are the missing link to your HYPER portable sound system. With powerful, warmly punching lows in a lightweight package designed for portability, the HYPER BASS series features three bass-reflex active subs delivering up to 1200W on 12” to 18” woofers, and birch plywood reinforced enclosures.


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