QSC Introduces Version 2.0 of TouchMix DAW Utility

QSC have announced the release of the TouchMix DAW Utility Version 2.0. A free software application for TouchMix owners, The TouchMix Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) enables and simplifies two-way migration of digital audio wave files between TouchMix and DAW software on either Windows or Apple Mac computers. Version 2.0 offers this capability to users of all three models of TouchMix digital mixers, including the TouchMix-30 Pro.

QSC TouchMix DAW Utility Version 2.0

The TouchMix Series’ flagship TouchMix-30 Pro already offers users direct-to-DAW interface capability with computers running Apple Mac DAW applications. With this new software release, audio file migration between TouchMix and DAW software is now also possible, in both Mac and Windows environments. 

TouchMix to DAW

The DAW Utility will copy tracks recorded on a TouchMix mixer and place them into a single directory (folder) to facilitate fast and easy importation into most DAW software. It can also convert the files to a lower bit-depth to accommodate DAW software that doesn’t accept 32-bit floating point wave files. In addition, it offers the option of importing TouchMix stereo channels as stereo or individual mono waves.

DAW to TouchMix

The DAW Utility lets the user assign wave files to TouchMix channels and copy the files with the proper directory structure and header files to be played as a TouchMix Session. In order for recorded tracks to play back on TouchMix they must be in the 32-bit floating point format, be stored in to the correct file structure and have the right XML header file. The TouchMix DAW Utility converts and saves your DAW tracks in the proper structure. Simply locate the DAW files you want to play on TouchMix and select the TouchMix channels you want the tracks to play on.

Info: www.qsc.com

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