Omnitronic Announces Redesigned TRM-202 Rotary Mixer

In preparation for launch at April’s Prolight+Sound Frankfurt, Omnitronic have announced a redesigned version of the popular TRM-202 rotary mixer. As with its predecessor, the MK3 model is equipped with ALPS potentiometers and a 3-band frequency isolator. The high quality components provide for attractive sound and smooth transitions – a feature, which is particularly interesting for DJs and fans of electronic music.

Steinigke Omnitronic TRM-202 Mk3 Rotary Mixer

Compared to the previous model, the TRM-202 has a new, more rectangular face. The sides have moved closer together, the height increased, in a design that has been streamlined and made clearer. The two channels are now clearly separated with their potentiometers now placed to the left and right. Master and booth controls are placed in the centre. Besides them, two level meters for the master signal can be found, very different from their previous horizontal position.

Steinigke Omnitronic TRM-202 Mk3 Rotary Mixer

The insides have also changed: While the MK2 version featured three inputs for every channel, there are now only two inputs – which can be switched from Phono to Line. Each channel has its own gain regulator to the back of the unit – which did not exist on the previous model. What remained’s untouched are the big frequency isolators for the master section at the top. Completely new is the optionally available case, which perfectly protects the TRM on the road.

Steinigke Omnitronic TRM-202 Mk3 Rotary Mixer

In terms of prices, Omnitronic remains true to itself, and the MK3 version of the rotary mixer is in the same price range as its predecessor. The TRM-202 MK3 will be presented for the first time at the Prolight+Sound 2017 in April 2017, and the mixer will presumably be available in summer 2017.


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