Nexo releases management software for Mac

Nexo is releasing a new version of its NeMo system management software, making it available for the first time on the macOS platform and introducing premium features and functionality that will transform operational control of Nexo systems.

First among these are the powerful advances in remote control and monitoring of Nexo NXAMP controller-amplifiers, accessed direct from a Mac laptop which can now be plugged into the NXAMP. Users can monitor the electronic parameters of amplifiers over a wireless network, in real or past-time, and store the data as a log. It also makes it easier to exploit advanced sensing functions in the NXAMP which help protect loudspeaker cabinets.

An offline mode is now available (in the macOS version). The user can create offline devices, edit their settings and later match them to online devices, using a device identification feature. Using custom control panels, users can create interfaces which offer an extraordinary level of control, described by Nexo sales manager Gareth Collyer as “a complete game-changer for the use of NXAMPs”.

Nexo NeMo version 2.0 now embraces Nexo’s new DTD Controller, allowing the remote-control of one or several DTDs simultaneously, including preset, patch, EQ, compressor, gain and delay editing, as well as level monitoring.

First launched on the IOS platform in 2013, this new version of Nexo NeMo sees every feature now replicated for macOS, so that users have the choice of going wired or wireless. Nexo NeMo version 2.0 brings a lot more to the party, such as zones, alert emailing, automatic update of preset libraries, EQ library, as well as improved performance and stability.

Nexos primary distribution, rental and installation partner in the UK, Orbital Sound, has given an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the new release. According to MD Chris Headlam, “The speed and responsiveness of the application when working online is very impressive, as is its sheer power and ease-of-use. This NeMo release has a beautifully-crafted Mac and iPad look and feel that can be used concurrently on three devices seamlessly.” Orbital’s sales director Andy Simmons added that,” to all our questions, the answer was yes. Everything has been carefully thought through by the designer – it is the complete package”.


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