CORE Highlights ‘Extravaganza Prague’ at O2 Arena

Organised by multinational group Herbalife and held in the world’s most prestigious cities, ‘Extravaganza’ is a high-profile corporate event. The last edition took place in Prague’s O2 Arena, proving to be an event with outstandingly high quality production values.

DTS Core Extravaganza O2 Prague

Organisation of ‘Extravaganza’ has been entrusted to Planet Service, a specialised company in the design and implementation of international events.

The Planet Service staff described ‘Extravaganza’:

“Extravaganza Prague was an event of the highest technological level. For this production we used the new CORE hybrid moving heads by DTS.

The COREs have proven irreplaceable for the highly dynamic lighting design we have created. This, thanks to their great luminosity, combined with the wealth of internal effects and their super-fast movements; also they provided the versatility of Spot and Beam projections in the same fixture.

Including the COREs, we installed over 250 DTS projectors of various types.

The stage we built in the center of the arena is circular, to give maximum visibility to all participants.

We focused our design on creating emotional moments, where we used vertical and horizontal movements of the trusses, special light effects and very concentrated aerial beams of the COREs, to emphasize the highlights of the event.

DTS Core Extravaganza O2 Prague

We used 19 DMX universes to program DTS projectors, lasers, CO2 effects and the other technologies employed.”

CORE is a powerful and compact discharge moving head, which provides SPOT and BEAM functions all in one fixture, featuring super fast effect application. Versatility is key with the fixture: thanks to its 440 W HRI LAMP (24,000 Lumens). CORE is perfect for a range of applications, from TV studios to live concerts. All this at a weight of only 22 kg.

Lighting Designers for the event were Luca Casadei and Claudio Tappi.


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