DiGiCo SD9s cross Europe with Bear’s Den

The SD9 is one of DiGiCo’s most compact, lightweight consoles, but with 96 channels and a full range of features, it is the perfect choice for Scott Humphries, Front of House engineer and production manager, and Rory Mulligan, monitor engineer, for British folk rock band Bear’s Den.

Supplied by SSE Audio, the two SD9s have spent five weeks touring with the band around Europe, starting in Scandinavia and taking in Germany, France, the UK, The Netherlands and finishing in Belgium. The choice of console was Scott’s, and both he and Rory couldn’t be more pleased with them.

“Scott suggested a complete DiGiCo system from the outset,” Rory explains. “I was all for that. I hadn’t worked with DiGiCo consoles for any meaningful length of time before, so I saw it as a good opportunity to learn. I knew they sounded great, which would be a big plus for our IEMs, and I love a good tactile surface, having started my career on analogue consoles.”

“I was very eager to switch over to a DiGiCo system as soon as touring consoles at both FOH and Monitors were viable,” adds Scott. “I wanted to put together a package that was small and trailer worthy, but could also manage a large amount of I/O as the channel list grew which, with Bear’s Den, is more often than not. Having SD9s with Stealth Core 2 was a perfect choice for this and the sheer amount of I/O you can now get into the SD consoles is incredible.

“Being able to scale down to the SD11 has been especially useful for me, as we’re currently out in the States where I’m running monitors from FOH and have a 50 input show all on an SD11i. I was able to covert my SD9 FOH file to the SD11 and then build the monitor mixes around this.

“Switching to DiGiCo has been a night and day mixing experience for me. The Snapshot control and waves integration has been a massive asset which, in turn, has made for a much better sounding show. The band and I often listen back to the shows and work on the mixes together, which is something they now find invaluable and has given them a perspective on what the show actually sounds like. For them, having these tools makes the experience of live shows so much more enjoyable and that’s down to DiGiCo.”

Info: www.digico.biz

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