ONE OK ROCK Brings Bandit Lites on North American Tour

Japanese alt-rock back ONE OK ROCK recently wrapped a January run in North America promoting their new album Ambitions with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites and designed by Jesse Henke. The band, comprised of Takahiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama and Tomoya Kanki are known for their stellar vocals, energetic performances and diehard fans who turn out in incredible numbers.

With a blank slate to design with (except for direction regarding incorporating logo scrims) Henke created a dynamic floor package with six towers across the stage with six T pipe down riggers flown from existing house trusses.

“I wanted the relatively small amount of gear to look big, so I spread it out evenly across the stage vertically and horizontally,” explained Henke. “I went with horizontal lines of fixtures at multiple levels.”

Bandit Lites supplied Martin MAC Auras, used for key light and general wash, Elation ACL 360 Bars, utilized for effects and movements, along with ShowLine Nitros for punch, in addition to accenting certain hits, strobe effects and to augment the stage wash.

Henke shared the only challenge was arranging the 50+ fixtures into half a trailer each evening, saying, “The load in and everything about the show was fairly straightforward. I did pre-viz at home, programmed a lot of the show beforehand, and finished up the first couple shows.”

While this was his inaugural tour with Bandit, Henke said he was pleased with experience sharing, “The level of professionalism, from the first call to the last load out, was top notch. When talking to Client Representative Shawn Lear on the phone, I just got a feeling of ‘this guy gets it’ and immediately felt comfortable. Then Project Manager Jimmy Hatten and the boys in the shop did a stellar job prepping my rig; it really made my life easy on the road, especially since I was the lone tech.”

“Jesse created a design that was both impactful and compact, utilizing custom flat truss towers and bases that saved on space in travel,” said Shawn Lear. “He knew the looks he wanted to achieve, and it is safe to say he succeeded on every level.”


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