Robert Dugan is all-in with Sensaphonics

Whether working as tour manager for Mike Posner or mixing for such groups as Rixton and MisterWives, Robert Dugan has found one common element that keeps his artists happy: Sensaphonics 2MAX.

“I’ve been using Sensaphonics since I started working with singer/songwriter Mike Posner in 2011,” says Dugan. “He turned me onto them, and I’ve been using them ever since. The 2MAX is so well balanced, with such accurate bass response, it feels like you’re listening to a full PA. I like referencing through them, even for studio work.”

On the road, Dugan uses the 2MAX even when he’s not mixing monitors. “When I’m mixing front of house, I record my house feed most nights, then listen to it through the 2MAX on the bus or in my hotel. I know I’m hearing all the details, and it’s a great way to keep both myself and the band happy with the mix.”

Recently, Dugan was on a tour where he mixed both FOH and monitors from one console. He found the fit and isolation of custom silicone earpieces in the 2MAX to be ideal for that task. “We were playing two hours per night, so we needed something that was comfortable, easy to pop in and out with a good seal,” he recalls.

“The show is all live, so you don’t get the luxury of having tracks to build on. My job is to make them sound big out front while also providing a clean, clear monitor mix. The response of the 2MAX is so accurate, you can hear a lot of nuances. It helped me with adding some breath into a vocal and making it sound more organic in the in-ear mixes.”

Another benefit that Dugan appreciates is Sensaphonics reliability and roadworthiness. “As an engineer, we’re approached by different IEM vendors all the time,” he says. “I’ve worked with artists using other brands where every musician’s IEMs need repair or replacing 3 times a year. My first pair of 2MAX lasted four years on the road, which says a lot. In my experience, most bands will save money with Sensaphonics – and they’re not that expensive to start with.”

Whenever one of Dugan’s tours comes through Chicago, he tries to find time to visit the Musicians Hearing Clinic. “In the live music realm, your ears are your money-makers, so hearing safety is important,” he relates. I love the fact that Sensaphonics is all about that. When I stop by the office for a hearing test, it gives me confidence when I’m mixing.”


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