All-Day Music Festival in Ecuador Teams Up with K-array

The Novasonic Music Festival in Quito, Ecuador was held at Parque Bicentenario this past October. With a high-profile lineup of international acts such as, Magic!, Hoobastank, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Carla Morrison among others, the all-day festival performed on two separate outdoor stages lined with food trucks and other amenities and attended by roughly 10,000 people, was the first event of its kind for Ecuador.

Originally, the technical rider specifically requested another audio brand but having experienced previous success with K-array’s unique audio solutions for other applications, event organizer CKC Concerts requested the Italian manufacturer immediately.

Capital-based distributor, Sonomatrix, was contacted to fulfill the side fill requirements for the main stage. Project supervisor Marcelo Arrobo of CKC specifically asked for a cluster of KH2 line array elements from the Mugello line and a KR802 system from the Pinnacle portable lines knowing the potential of the systems and was extremely confident they could meet the demands of the performers for a reliable, powerful source. And although reluctant at first given their loyalty to another audio system, the bands eventually agreed based on the systems’ impressive technical specifications.

The KH2 cluster was elevated 2.5 meters off the stage floor and digital beam steering was applied to maximize the potential from which optimal results in frequency response were obtained. Simulation software EaseFocus was used in order to produce an acoustic prediction on stage and the FIR filters were calculated based on this information. The KR802 portable was stacked on the KS5 subs and only one KY102 was utilized on either side.

On the second stage, which was reserved for national bands and DJs, the KR402 Pinnacle portable system was selected for side fill and proved more than capable to cover the requirements. The KR402 was connected through separate sends L-R and was equalized according to the requirements of the monitors engineer on location.

“I am quite pleased with the service and the outcome of K-array’s systems,” said Arrobo. “Their side fills were one of the only aspects that I didn’t have to worry about among all the production elements.”

“The sound engineers were also happy to work with the systems and the monitor engineers were very surprised at the high fidelity of sound obtained,” explained Gabriel Lopez, co-founder of Sonomatrix. “Everyone was astonished with how powerful the systems proved to be compared to their size and portability since they saw us arrive with the full Mugello system in one pickup truck.”


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