Adam Hall Financial Services now even more Customer-Friendly

The Adam Hall Group, one of the largest companies specialising in event technology, with its location in Hessian Neu-Anspach, now offers flexible financing options to its customers throughout Europe for its products with an attractive hire purchase or leasing model. Under the banner “Adam Hall Financial Services”, the Adam Hall Group has joined forces with a financial services provider to launch a customer-oriented financing package.

The Adam Hall Group offers the financing service on purchases of 3,000 Euros or more to all European customers with a good credit rating from the industry, distribution and installation sectors. Accessories such as tripods, flightcase hardware and cables are excluded, but can be included as part of a whole project.

Customers can select from three available financing options: partial amortisation, full amortisation or hire purchase. The first two options are different lease types which are advantageous to rental companies and system-integrator customers by being fully tax-deductible as operating expenses. Customers can write off the lease payments as gross costs including VAT and thereby reduce the strain the company balance sheet. This type of financing not only protects equity ratio and liquidity, it also offers customers great financial flexibility for future decisions.

Balance neutrality and liquidity are not the only benefits of the Adam Hall Group leasing model: “With our ‘pay-as-you-earn’ approach we have developed a model in which leasing rates are applied in parallel to use of the product” explains Sven Wagner, Financial Director of the Adam Hall Group. “In this way, the leased product almost finances itself, because the total financing is spread out over the period of duration of its use.”

Another benefit of leasing is the provided planning security. Leasing-rate levels and contract periods are fixed from the beginning and are not subject to interest rate fluctuations or rate changes. Customers opting for leasing can choose between partial and full amortisation. Whilst the first option includes taking over the leased product at an agreed value at the end of the leasing period, the second option leaves this choice open. In this case, the product can be purchased after the leasing period at the current market value.

In addition to leasing, Adam Hall Financial Services also offers a hire purchase option. In this case the product appears on the customer’s balance sheet from the outset and must be activated and thus written off. The advantage is 100% financing along with an orderly transfer of ownership at the end of the period. However, this added value is also illustrated by the leasing options cited; in addition to the above-mentioned tax benefits.

“With Adam Hall Financial Services we want to offer real added value to our customers,” says Wagner. “The Adam Hall Group is not a financial services provider. Instead we have formed a partnership with a renowned leasing broker who will seek out the best leasing provider for our customers. In this way we have responded to the variety of requests that we have received.”

Any leasing queries can be dealt with directly by the Adam Hall Sales Team. The quote and relevant documentation will be sent via e-mail. Requests will be handled quickly, usually within one to five working days, depending upon the country and customer. While the leasing contract is made between the customer and the leasing provider, invoicing is processed simply between the Adam Hall Group and the respective leasing companies.


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