KLARK TEKNIK DM8000 Now Shipping

KLARK TEKNIK has today announced the shipping of its DM8000 advanced digital audio processor for installation applications featuring configurable DSP, audio networking and acoustic echo cancellation.

As a solution for modern meetings and telephone/video conferencing, the DM8000 is designed for installation in boardrooms, council chambers, courtrooms and more. It delivers seamless integration with computer based conferencing systems, audio networking via USB, and the 1U rack mount chassis can also be remote controlled using built-in Ethernet and RS232 ports.

The DM8000 provides a massive audio toolkit, empowering users to create the ideal custom configuration for any application. With free DSP Designer software containing a comprehensive library of processing modules, the entire signal and processing structure can be compiled on a PC and then run into the DM8000’s robust DSP. 

Multiple DM8000 devices can be linked, creating a network for system-wide programming and control of a variety of input sources. The network can accommodate multiple mic inputs, a live band or stereo music source, as well as telephony – and send the resulting mixes up to 6 destinations.

The DM8000 uses its 8 channels of wide band AEC to detect and eliminate secondary room reflections from the signal path, so all participants enjoy the highest quality sound – whether the content is speech, music, or multimedia.

Easy to set up and use, DM8000’s Auto Mixer modules automatically adjust and balance levels for up to 8 inputs and combine them into any output. The onboard Feedback Suppressor behaves much like a highly-surgical parametric equaliser, detecting and removing feedback frequencies before they can become an issue.

The DM8000 feature set will be the most cost effective to performance DSP solution on the market, making it ideal for use in projects that require powerful DSP in price sensitive projects.

The DM8000 is now available at a list price of US$ 1,149.99 and is covered by MUSIC’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.

Info: www.music-group.com

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