KLANG:technologies partners with Huahui

KLANG:technologies has announced the appointment of Beijing Huahui Audio Technology Co Ltd (Huahui) as its distributor in China. Established in 2003, Beijing-based Huahui is a professional audio company that provides a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, design, installation, technical support, training and sales.

The company has an impressive portfolio of high-end brands, including L-Acoustics, Midas, Milab, Klark Teknik, t.c.electronic, Point Source, Focal, Adam, Canare and Sennheiser. Operating across the broadcast, studio, fixed installation and live markets, Huahui is focused on its technical ability and customer support and is ISO9001 certified.

KLANG:technologies aim is to create the perfect in-ear monitor sound for musicians, enabling them to work with greater ease and focus on their performance. Its KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier 3D personal monitor mixing systems have made real-time binaural and immersive spatial headphone mixes a reality, delivering a natural and controllable image around the performer with a quality of sound that brings new levels of accuracy and transparency.

“KLANG:technologies is breaking new ground in performance technology and China is a substantial market, so finding the right partner was really important for us,” said KLANG:technologies’ founder and marketing director, Dr. Pascal Dietrich. “A genuine enthusiasm for music and the arts, combined with providing the highest level of technical support, makes Huahui the ideal distributor for our innovative product range. We’re pleased to welcome them as our partner for this key market.”

Allen Xu, Huahui’s senior solution advisor, commented, “KLANG:technologies products really opened my ears when I first heard the sound they produce. This will start a new era for IEM monitoring, both on stage and in the studio. As a professional audio product distributor, we have good relationships with major rental companies and sound engineers throughout China. By working with KLANG we can provide them with the tools to help artists give better performances on stage, and provide an opportunity to expand their business.”

Info: www.klang.com

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