Midas takes console training across Europe

Midas has recently taken its console training across Europe with courses completed in the UK, Germany and Spain. The events, designed and delivered by Midas senior solutions manager Daniel Paine, were hosted in partnership with local Midas distributors Amplified, thomann Audio Professionnell and Adagio respectively.

Tailored for a range of mixed-ability users, from beginner to advanced, the training covers the entire Midas and Klark Teknik product portfolio and includes configuration solutions for a range of applications. Trainees are taught basics such as; linking front of house and monitor desks, transferring audio between different desks and recording features using Klark Teknik’s DN9650 with Dante card.

The course then advances into more specific mixing skills such as automation which is covered in detail. This shows users how to move between different show scenes and carry out alterations. Trainees are also taught handy MIDAS tips and tricks in relation to the MIDAS surface workflow, which once familiar with, enables users extremely quick access to I/O.

Info: www.music-group.com

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