The Sun Always Shines in Germany for aha-audio and APG

Founded and headed by Rolf Feldmann, APG distributor aha-audio is shaking the professional audio landscape in Germany. A few months only after its creation, aha-audio has already been trusted by stagers for major concerts and festivals across the country.

When distribution of APG came to an end in 2015 in Germany, Rolf was adamant to keep the APG brand in the German market. Taking a leap of faith, he created aha-audio in January 2016 and became the exclusive distributor of the French manufacturer in Germany. “This can be seen by some as a big risk to take, but when you hear the sound that comes out of these boxes, you know that the brand is bound to success in this highly demanding market”.

“Plus APG was already a recognised brand in Germany”, he recalls. Several rental companies including Tonwerk and Sound Light & Design Wesel (SLD) were already using APG at the time.

aha-audio didn’t waste time in promoting the APG brand and quickly decided to exhibit at ProLight + Sound 2016, giving the opportunity to an international crowd to witness the coming Uniline Compact (UC) range.

After the show, SLD, who already held an impressive stock of APG speakers since 2010, ordered 12 Uniline Compact UC206N and six UC206W speakers, as well as three brand new DA 50:4 high performances Class D DSP amplifiers.

Praising the stability and reliability of the UC system, Rolf also assures that the environment doesn’t have any effect on the sonic qualities, giving the example of high frequencies in particular in an outdoor environment, a direct result of the drastic engineering process for the cabinets and horns. APG has indeed built an international reputation on the concept of constant directivity, being the only manufacturer capable of guaranteeing it in such small format speakers.

“The response we get from clients and users is quite simply fantastic” states SLD’s technical director Marvin Feldmann. They love the true sound of the speakers, the fact that you can hear every detail without any sound alteration. Basically, everything you do on the console, the system gives it back to you, which truly is a unique feature that sets APG away from the competition.

“We first started to hear about APG in 2009” recalls Marvin. At the time, distribution was handled by Audio Technica, which at the time was a great testimonial in itself of APG’s high quality products. It’s not easy for a speaker manufacturer to penetrate the German market, there’s a whole bunch of great audio solutions around, so APG had to have a competitive edge.”

Back then, Marvin was invited to APG’s headquarters near Paris in France, and when he listened to APG’s DX15 and the Uniline range, he was sold straight away: “We were impressed by how easy the product was to handle, and from a sound perspective, the linearity of the speakers was simply phenomenal.” Six years forward, SLD now holds 125 APG speakers including the latest Uniline Compact range.

The UC range was first put to the test at the StuStaCulum Summer festival in Munich which drew 15,000 punters this year. Six UC206N and two UC2016W speakers were hanged on each side of the stage, along with six TB118S and two TB115S subwoofers for the low frequencies. All performed flawlessly, in fact the system performed exactly like it said it would on the simulations, even with the sheer variety of the live performances, which included rock and punk concerts, theatre as well as comedy shows. APG’s excellent linearity was noted by international sound designer Christian Siller and Arne Weitzel, the technical director of the Festival, who commented that it was the best sound he ever heard on this stage.

With such confidence in the sonic superiority of the Uniline Compact, Rolf recently organised a demo for 30 clients and prospects and the feedback was very enthusiastic. “With this product, I’m confident we can answer any request from the market, from the most complex installations to the biggest festivals.

SLD couldn’t agree more as they trusted the APG Uniline and the Uniline Compact range again as their main speaker system for Cologne based band Brings who performed at the “Hansetag” during the 775th anniversary of the city of Wesel, in front of more than 3,000 people.


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