All Eyes on World Diabetes Day with SolaSpot Pro CMY LED

On November 10th, World Diabetes Day was recognised around the globe to raise awareness of the disease. The theme for this years occasion was ‘Eyes On Diabetes’. In recognition of the event, AB Light illuminated Oginskio Palace at Plungės Manor, Lithuania, using only eight High End Systems SolaSPot Pro CMY LED fixtures to paint beautiful images on the massive palace. Lighting Designer Arvydas Buinauskas specified the fixtures, with his goal being a ‘clear desire to show people this beautiful palace in other colors’.

High End Systems AB Light SolaSpot World Diabetes Day

Arvydas says, “We calculated the distances and areas necessary to cover the building, and ended up needing only eight SolaSpots! The fixtures were placed 50 meters from the building, with the distance between fixtures being six meter intervals. We have been trying out custom gobos with the SolaSpot, and our main task for the fixtures was to create the effect of mapping on the building. We ended up using the existing stock gobos, which perfectly fit the design of this building. What I like most about the SolaSpot Pro CMY LED fixture is its strong output, which allows us to show clear, powerful images that read well outdoors as well as indoors.”

High End Systems AB Light SolaSpot World Diabetes Day

Joining Buinauskas on the AB Light teams were Modestas Baltrušaitis and Paulius Varonenka. Photography by Paulius Varonenka.

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