dBTechnologies Showcases Key Product Lines Showcased in Tokyo

dbTechnologies recently confirmed a new distribution agreement for its products in Japan with TEAC Corporation, which assigned the distribution responsibilities to its TASCAM brand. On October 20th, shortly after confirming the partnership, TEAC CORPORATION hosted a special event in Tokyo in order to introduce dBTechnologies product portfolio to approximately 100 of their key clients in the professional audio industry.

dB Technologies Showcase Tokyo TEAC

Yosuke Matsuno,  Import Sales Manager at TEAC, served as master of ceremony, coordinating the event which took place both on the main stage and in the lobby of  City Hall. After TEAC’s CEO Mr. Yuji Hanabusa welcome speech, Matsuno invited on stage Manuele Poli, dBTechnologies Sales Manager for Asia: Poli briefly presented the Italian Manufacturer to the audience, and left the word to Application Manager Marco Cantalù and dBTechnologies Brand Manager for Japan  Tetsu Uchida who presented in details keys product such as VIO and DVA line array and Sub series, INGENIA column speakers series, ES complete PA series and the completely redesigned OPERA active speakers series.

Import Sales Manager Yosuke Matsuno positively comments the audience response to dBTechnologies first showcase in Tokyo: “All participants were very impressed not only by the high sound quality of dBTechnologies professional audio systems” enthused Matsuno “but also for the company history and background. We received a wonderful support from dBTechnologies Team, especially Mr Poli and Mr. Cantalù, who joined the event here in Tokyo. Our partnership has just begun, but we already feel like one team. That’s why TEAC
Corp is very confident about dBTechnologies success in the Japanese market.”

dB Technologies Showcase Tokyo TEAC

“dBTechnologies’ launch event in Tokyo laid the ground for a rewarding cooperation with TEAC.” Says Manuele Poli “Special thanks goes to CEO Yugi Hanabusa and General Manager Mr. Kenji Matsu for their presentation speeches, and of course I’d like to thank Import Sales Manager Yosuke Matsuno and Brand Manager Tetsu Uchida who did an excellent work for the launch event. Japan is one of the most important marketplace for Professional Audio and for sure one of the most competitive internationally “ continues Poli. “Teac already proves to be the best possible partner for our brand in Japan, as they created a team of highly talented people who immediately caught the potential of our products and presented them the best way to Japanese audio professionals. I coundn’t be more satisfied and I am sure many other success will follow.”

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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