Nexo reinforces Happy Mondays Derby show

Happy Mondays, sharing a bill with Cast and The Bluetones, played a one-off rock gig at the Derby Arena and Velodrome, supported by a rich mix of Nexo systems.

This was the first arena-sized music concert for the £27m venue. PA for the event was provided by local Derby company Sound of Music, which drew on its extensive Nexo inventory to supply a STM Series modular line array for main PA, and 45°N-12 line monitors on stage.

Sound of Music’s Sash Pochibko notes that “it’s great for us to be the first touring PA company to service a big show at the new venue, especially as we are based so locally. The Derby Velodrome is by far the best-sounding arena I’ve ever heard, as an engineer or as a concert-goer. They’ve installed black-box draping and it makes a massive difference to the acoustics of the building – the absorbent properties of a good audience completed the equation.”

The Sound of Music team supplied L/R hangs of STM, using 8x M28 omni modules under three B112 bass modules. Two additional M28 cabinets provided front-fills, sitting on top of STM S118 subs, 12 in total, arranged in a double-stacked sub array along the front of the stage. Alpha-E cabinets were used for stage-fill.

On stage foldback for the bands was delivered by Nexo 45°N-12 line monitors, arrayed in varying combinations of two and three units using their ingenious magnetic locking system.

“Three well-known bands on the bill meant three visiting engineers, and they were all extremely complimentary about the venue and the system. It really was like listening to a BIG hi-fi rather than a large PA battling in an arena full of reverb.”


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