MIDAS PRO X Upgrades for SSE Hire

SSE Hire, one of the UK’s leading professional audio hire companies, has upgraded its entire hire stock of MIDAS mixing systems to the PRO X with NEUTRON System Engine. Four consoles in total, three PRO9’s and a PRO6, have benefitted from MIDAS’ PRO X upgrade package which allows users to upgrade their existing PRO3/6/9 consoles, to the spec of a PRO X. The upgrade kit consists of the NEUTRON System Engine which contains four of MIDAS’ latest DSP’s. Additionally, the console surface receives new fascia panels, internal cabling, clips, and the illuminated PRO X logo – bringing the entire system up to that of a PRO X.

Operations Manager Stefan Phillips commented, “Our MIDAS consoles are extremely popular, they’re rarely in the warehouse. For us this was an easy decision; we’ve basically got four brand new desks with the latest technology and software at a fraction of the cost of a complete new system. This also enables us to support any PRO X consoles we sell, making us a great outlet for MIDAS purchases.”

“We always like to supply engineers with the very latest spec in terms of console technology. The PRO X has double the input channel count of the old PRO 9 and with the new NEUTRON Engine, the desk is a very capable tool for all eventualities. Having four of these consoles means that as a Group we can supply from our own stock without the need to sub hire,” adds Phillips.

All PRO3/6/9 consoles are eligible for the PRO X upgrade kit and come with MUSIC’s 3-Year Limited Warranty. Customers can contact their local MIDAS authorized dealer to purchase the kit.
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