LDI 2016 – High End Systems

Solatheatre High End Systems LDI 2016High End Systems have presented many interesting products at this edition of LDI. Of particular interest is the new SolaTheatre, a new entry-level product in the Sola series, equipped with a fan-less cooling system. Ideal for television and theatre applications, SolaTheatre proves to be an innovative LED product, and that will surely be talked about in the industry.

Another novelty the new HEX, an LED array with six 65W RGBW sources with a colour temperature equal to 6500K, combined with special 106mm lenses, which express 33000 lux at 7m. The fixture is also equipped with Indigo Blacklighter LEDs, 35 1W LEDs which allow for an increase in the number of effects. Everything is managed via 64 DMX channels in a fixture weighing a little over 40kg.

The latest innovation is the compact fixture QUAD, with 4 65W RGBW LEDs, a zoom range of 3.5° to 40°, and 40 1W Indigo Backlight LEDs, capable of expressing 22000 lux at 7m.

Info: www.highend.com

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