LDI 2016 – DTS

With the motto “Italian Contemporary Art”, DTS has shown the American public their three new projectors here at LDI 2016. CORE, KATANA and NRG 1401 were present in a stand designed by George Tellos, Lighting Designer who lit the recent Winter Olympics in Sochi.


KATANA is an LED bar “blade” with a linear zoom from 3.5° to 30°, capable of projecting a really luminous blade with the ability for individual pixel control. This provides new dynamic multicoloured effects with quick and accurate movement. Equipped with 12 LED RGBW 12W, the fixture can express 9600 lumens, with control over colour temperature from 2700 K to 8000K, all at a weight of only 14 kg.

CORE is a compact yet powerful Spot and Beam fixture in a single, extremely versatile body. The OSRAM Sirius 440W HRI lamp is able to generate 24,000 Lumens, with a zoom range from 2° to 39°. It’s equipped with a colour wheel with 16 slots, 9 rotating and 17 fixed gobos, and all at a low weight of only 22 kg.

Finally, NRG 1401 is a high performance LED wash, capable of expressing a very bright beam with the possibility of individual pixel control and linear zoom from 4° to 52°. NICK NRG 1401 is ideal for medium or large venues and television productions, and is powered by 23 OSRAM OSTAR RGBW LEDs.

Info: www.dts-lighting.com

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