LDI 2016 – SGM

The main focus on the SGM stand here at LDI 2016 is their POI (Permanent Outdoor Installation) fixtures. SGM have designed these products to be virtually maintenance-free, due to a patented dehumidification system and weatherproof housing. This presents a high return on investment for the user, and ultimately a lower cost over time.

LDI 2016 G-1 POI

Here we have the G-1 Beam POI, a compact LED moving head, designed by SGM for any applications or installations requiring tight, parallel beams. It is powered by a High-power white LED light source, and produces a narrow beam of just 2.8°. The compact nature is continued by the fact that it only needs a safety distance of 0.3 metres, and comes in at just 8.9kg in weight. It also features wireless DMX control, is fully RDM compatible, and as well as being fully IP66 rated, has a corrosion class of C5-M (marine), making it suitable for coastal and offshore areas with high levels of salinity.

Info: www.sgmlight.com

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