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Launched at PLASA 2016, and having its US premiere here at LDI 2016, Robe are presenting their SPIIDER moving head fixture

Robe LDI 2016 Spikie SPIIDER Halo

When we were reading up about this fixture prior to PLASA, we were interested to see how Robe had taken a Flower Effect and suitably integrated it into a professional lighting fixture. Upon viewing their demo of the new SPIIDER fixture, we were certainly not left disappointed, as we experienced a fixture which has been really cleverly designed to meet a range of demands and applications.

Utilising a 60W RGBW LED multi-chip in the centre, which is surrounded by 18 x 30W RGBW LEDs, Robe have created a WashBeam fixture that delivers something something unique. The fixture can zoom from 4 – 48 degrees, and delivers a virtual colour wheel, tungsten lamp emulation and individual pixel control. On request, SPIIDER can also be delivered with built-in wireless DMX.

Alongside the SPIIDER we have Spikie, a small, super-fast LED WashBeam. A single 60W RGBW light source combined with a specially-designed 110mm wide front lens produce a solid beam, which can be zoomed from a tight 4 degrees, right up to 28 degree wash. A dynamic flower effect and Beam Effect Engine bring further visual enhancement to the output of the fixture.

Also from Robe we have the new Halo fixture, a pixel technology device that can be added to PAR cans and other devices to add an extra dimensions to stage and TV sets. The Halo System comprises six frames of RGB LEDs and a 6-way data controller / driver. This comes in the the familiar color-scroller format, so can fit securely onto the front of the light.

Info: www.robe.cz

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