LDI 2016 – Elation

In what we believe to be one of the true innovations to be presented here at LDI, we have an interesting fixture designed by the American company Elation. Just as the company did with their original Sniper, which was the Innovation Award Winner at the PLASA show in 2014, we have a new range of fixtures which are sure to go on to win accolades aplenty.

Elation Professional LDI 2016 Proteus

This year they are presenting an LED fixture ideal for outdoor events, which has a water-resistant cover with a very interesting design. Proteus™, an extremely compact moving head, is robust and “budget-friendly” according to the representatives on Elation’s booth. The product has been created to allow the creativity of lighting designers to stretch into all weather conditions. More info will be made available on the product launch site, www.proteus-launch.com.

Elation Professional LDI 2016 Proteus

Another novelty is represented by the Artist DaVinci ™ fixture, an LED spot ideal for theatre applications. Characterised by its compact design, and a 270w LED source that produces in excess of 13,000 lumens, providing an output comparable to a 700w discharge lamp .

DaVinci uses 16-bit multi-phase motors to pan and tilt with extreme accuracy. Inside, there is an auto-focused motorised zoom, ranging from 7 ° to 48 °, along with seven dichroic colours, CMY Mixing, CTO conversion, six rotating and six static gobos, two different 3-facet rotating prisms and circular 6-way linear prism, motorised iris, frost, animation wheel and electronic strobe.

Also debuting is the new Platinum 1200 WashLED consisting of 19 65W RGBW multi-chip LEDs from OSRAM, which express an output comparable to a 1500W discharge. Among the features are motorised zoom from 5 ° – 50 ° and new technologies for cooling and controlling fixture.

Info: www.elationlighting.com

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