LDI 2016 – Clear-Com

From Clear-Com, we have an update to the HelixNet digital partyline intercom system, the new HelixNet beltpack (HXII-BP-X4).

Clear-Com LDI 2016 HelixNet Digital Beltpack

Not only does the new beltpack feature a lighter-weight, more rugged and ergonomic design (33% lighter and 13% smaller), it utilises POE to access any two of the 24 channels on the system at once. The user can assign any of these channels to a single intercom key, or alternatively they can assign multiple channels to a single key set, thanks to a feature known as ‘Stacked Key’. Firmware updates for the beltpack can be completed via the Micro-USB connector, or they can be automatically transfered whenever the HXII-BP-X4 is connected to a HelixNet Main Station.

Info: www.clearcom.com

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