LDI 2016 – Christie Digital

Christie have used LDI 2016 to launch version 6.0 of their media server products, Pandoras Box and Widget Designer.

Christie Digital ZioGiorgio LDI 2016

With many new features, version 6.0 of Pandoras Box includes multi-user mode, allowing multiple operators to split the workload of a project, providing increased levels of efficiency. Multiple users are able to work on different tasks, such as warping, content encoding or timeline programming. Alternatively, multiple users could work simultaneously on the same sequence. The update also features workflow improvements, including editable meshes and warps, UV map adjustments and live canvas masking and painting. All this from right within the preview window.

For Widget Designer, the update includes a redesigned HTML5 user interface, with native HTML support including CSS Styles. Animation and transitions are now available for all pages and widgets, as well as new composite nodes allowing for the integration of node-systems into re-usable custom nodes.

Info: www.christiedigital.com

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