LDI 2016 – ARRI

The main focus of ARRI’s booth here at LDI 2016 is their L-Series, a range of LED fixtures designed to incorporate the characteristics of traditional Fresnel fixtures.

ZioGiorgio Arri LDI 2016

Whether it be to achieve continuous focusability from spot to flood, or a smooth, homogenous light field, The L-Series takes full advantage of LED technology. The fixtures allow for complete control over the colour and intensity of light.

The L7 is specifically calibrated for use with broadcast and digital cinema cameras, to provide pleasing skin tones and optimised for rendered colours. With a robust and ergonomic construction, the L7 is available in three modes, the L7-C (Colour Temperature), L7-TT (Tungsten Tunable) and L7-DT (Daylight Tuneable).

Info: www.arri.com

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