LDI 2016 – ZioGiorgio are here!

And we’re back here in Las Vegas! It’s 9 am and our two representatives from the ZioGiorgio Network have been greeted by the typically warm climate of Nevada. Returning from a long trip, they are ready to face the first day of LDI 2016, the leading trade fair in the world for the professional lighting industry.

LDI 2016 ZioGiorgio

There is much hearsay on many announcements for this year’s edition of the show, ones which promise to be very interesting to the market. The slightly quieter and less chaotic atmosphere of the fair, which ZioGiorgio has attended for the past 3 years consecutively, also allows attendees to visit the various stands in a less hurried fashion than similar events, fostering a greater depth of understanding for the products and initiatives on offer.

LDI 2016 ZioGiorgio

With our team of two on site and our faithful editors back in the ZioGiorgio offices, we will offer our readers regular updates, photos and videos from LDI 2016 in real time, in addition to a series of reports going into the main events of the show in more detail.

So, once again, we invite you to follow us and stay tuned!

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